Thursday, August 25, 2011

Without passion, true success isn't guaranteed.

While reading Drive by Daniel Pink, I was actually kind of surprised at first when he said that money wasn't really what motivated people, but then again, he can't really say that this is true about every single person in the world. Many people do say that money is what drives them to do better every time, but for me that's not so much the case. Yeah, everybody enjoys getting money every once in a while because you can reward yourself with whatever you please and knowing that you worked hard to earn it, makes it that much more rewarding.

For me, it's not so much the money that drives me. Motivation 3.0 is all about a drive that comes within yourself. The kind of drive that makes you feel good and accomplished after having done something either for yourself or for someone else. I like to believe this is my case. I like the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I have done good to either myself or someone else. I like feeling that I have grown as a person because otherwise whatever it is that I'm doing, would seem sort of useless and just a waste of time. By the end of the year, I don't want to feel as if I've wasted an entire year doing something that I didn't enjoy doing or feel as if I didn't learn anything from it. I want to be able to do good, if not for others, at least for myself for now. I am still in that phase where I am getting to know who I really am and what my passions really are. Although I really enjoy painting and drawing and pretty much anything art-oriented, I am not quite sure if I'm ready to call it "my passion." I really do enjoy it and it would be nice doing something art-oriented, but I know there's a lot more things I must explore before I can settle for that. For now, I must keep asking myself what it is I am passionate about and what good would come out of my senior project. Once I get to know myself a bit better, I will know what I will set out to accomplish this year.

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  1. We are going to be facing many obstacles throughout this whole project. Don't feel like you're the only one that is going through this, I know I am. It's really hard to answer what motivates us, when we've never thought about it. But for sure, ask help, either though blogger or ask Susan, or any one in our class. This year is not the year to be reserved and keep all your questions and fears to yourself. Senior Seminars should be very help full, pay attention, and put plenty of effort in this project. You'll want to look back later on in life and see what you accomplished your Senior year.