Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping Up

I find it interesting how Daniel Pink compares motivation to technology. As time progresses, society becomes more complicated and older versions of motivation and technology just don’t do the job anymore. The only way to keep up with a developing society is to upgrade. As we all have witness, technology is always advancing with gadgets that are much faster and reliable. Most importantly, these gadgets are made to accomplish tasks asked in today’s society. Like technology, motivation also needs to advance to accomplish the tasks asked in today’s society. Pink compares these two very well by giving motivation a technological characteristic. He calls different versions of motivation as “Motivation 1.0”, “Motivation 2.0”, and “Motivation 3.0”. He says that “Motivation 1.0” is the basic needs of humans such as food, water, and shelter. “Motivation 2.0” is the type of motivation that was used during the 20th century and before. And “Motivation 3.0” is the type of motivation that is needed for the 21st century. Pink basically says that our motivation needs to be like technology and upgrade in order to be compatible with today’s complicated growing society.

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