Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Journey

As I was reading Drive, I read about the Sticks and Carrots and one line really stood out to me. "Greatness and nearsightedness are incompatible. Meaningful achievement depends on lifting one's sights and pushing towards the horizon," (pg 57). This quote stood out because it reminded me of one thing one of my favorite teachers once told me. My teacher said "The journey not the arrival is what matters most". I was thinking that they things that you learn as you reach for your goals are what make you a better person. Whenever you wanna become a better person, you set goals. A goal might be to be a better soccer player, but on that journey you learn to be more organized, work harder, be thoughtful. All those lessons that are learned were learned through the journey not once you reached your goal. It is on your path to your goals that you achieve greatness.
Many times we pushed to the horizon all we want to get there so bad that we take shortcuts or cheat ourselves. We forget to learn the lessons that this journey had for us. Many times our "sights" are covered by goals, and we do not push, but cheat to the horizon. The horizon we think is so important, yet its meaningless because you have learned how fool others and yourself. Your journey was a short one, and all you learned will not help you reach any other goal. If we push to the horizon we do not only learn, but make our horizon get farther since our goals get bigger and bigger as you achieve them.
In my senior project I the students to have goals or a "horizon", but I want them to learn in while reaching their goals. I do not want them to just do it because they are being forced to do it. This will defeat the purpose of my project because its making planet earth a better place includes people making the right choice. I want to see that if you decide to take on this journey that you are willing to "push to the horizon" and be ready to fail, but to learn from those mistakes. This way you do not make the same mistakes again. This project is excited because I know even I sometimes choose to take shortcuts that eventually led me to bad endings. With this project I am hoping that not only people around me learn, but I want to learn as well. I know that on this journey a good lessons will be learn if I do they right thing and work hard to reach my "horizon".

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  1. Terrific! I am excited to see what you will accomplish.