Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's play ball

I may not always seem that way, but I am terribly shy. I'm scared to get up in front of people to talk. They just make me nervous somehow. So what I was thinking for my Senior Project I want to be able to conquer that fear. I want to be able to walk up to people and have a conversation without being scared. I want to be able to get up in front of the class and not panic. I need to learn how to teach people without feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. I lack confidence. The confidence that helps me push myself to do the things that I'm most scared of. The things I know I know how to do but think too much so I scare myself out of doing them.

Not too long ago my friend asked me if I wanted to coach a little league baseball team with him. We are both around the same age and if we coached we'd be the youngest coaches at the park. That's a lot of pressure because you have to gain the respect of your teams parents because they are always gonna doubt our ability because you're are so young. Keeping these things in mind, I immediately said no. I told him because I was too busy but the real reason was because I was scared. I've played baseball/softball for maybe 8 years. It's what I absolutely love doing, but I still wouldn't coach with him.

My Senior Project should be fun! So i was thinking Baseball is my passion and I know it maybe be difficult but I want to coach a little league team. That way I conquer my fear of 1) teaching and 2) gain some confidence. Feedback please! Let me know what you think. Too hard?


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  2. The only limits you have are the limits you set on yourself. No one can control what you can do, only you can determine that. I'm surprised by your blog, because you seem collected a lot of the time. I understand you may not see that for yourself, but people look up to you. I've always known you've loved sports, something that makes us very different, but I love you for that. You have the desire to want to strain your body. You have patience to practice, and pride to continue it. Seeing as the subject has been brought up, this is another reason why I feel you leaving you responsibilities isn't really beneficial to you. If you love it then, why would you not do it? And I am referring to our summer chat. On the point of you teaching a little league, I think you'd be the person I'd want teaching my kid. You love it and you care for it and that will make you great at it.
    On another point think about when you would be coaching? If it's in the fall think hard about college season, because we have to focus on us before we can focus on others? Or will you be coaching in the spring? And depending on what season, why would that be most beneficial to you?