Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunger for Money

Money, money, money! Money is paper, yes. But this isn't any regular paper. This kind of paper helps every single one of us. To either spend the money or to pay off bills, tuition, food, gas, etc. . . Money can be an issue as well . How so? Let me explain.

Money is power. Money helps you influence and reward people who need it. If you own a company and you want your employees to speed up the process of work, you can bribe them and give them more money. But, as Daniel H. Pink writes in his book Drive, he says that many owners would reward their employees for the great work they have accomplished. But these employees get used to this monetary reward, once you stop, the quality of their work decreases; yet they still expect to get that monetary reward.

So, even though you, the boss, only wants the best for your business giving money to motivate your employees is not the right way to do things. Gunther is against rewarding or motivating employees with money. He mentions, "[it] creates a culture that says it's all about the money and not enough about the work. . .Money, a threshold motivator." (87) Rappers like Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, for example, always brag about how much money they have in their pockets, but is that really their motivation? Are they really hungry for money? Is that our motivation too? No. We all have intrinsic desires, which are desires that make us better our selves and motivate others by motivating ourselves first.

The purpose of this book and our Senior Project is to realize that we should find what motivates us, that the external factors are not worth it; like money. We need goals to reach our purpose, and within that purpose we need internal motivation.

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