Saturday, August 27, 2011


The animals were a big part in why Eurasia was the champion of history. The livestock not only provide a way of transportation but also food and some even milk. Once the people had domesticated the animal they could use it to help the grow crops an with the help the could produce more food to feed more of the community. They even had food to feed all the animal that they domesticated.

Livestock are important because if they ate the animal that itself produced a lot of nutrition. If the people only ate fruits and vegetables then they wouldn't have been as strong as they were. Also they could use the skin of the animal as clothing or even to build a tent. It was important that they stay warm during cold temperatures in order to live.

The livestock were the muscles! Yes, before the animal they had to use the human but if you think about it, how much could a person really do? Of course the animal was stronger and could handle more labor than a person can. That is why with animals they were able to produce more and more crops to feed more and more of their community.

The written language was important for the people but it didn't get them more food and muscle power it just allowed them to communicate. Although communication was important, at the time, the livestock was far more useful and necessary for life.


  1. While I slightly agree with your points, I think we have to think about other continents that had lots of animals. For example Africa. If animals were so good, why did Africa never domesticate them, having so many? You say they would be better to help society. However, in ancient Egypt, they build huge pyramids with simply man power.
    I think man power is just as good as animal power if you manipulate it, well. While I am obviously against slavery, we have to think about it. Why didn't Egyptians domesticate animals? I think they simply went for what was easier and therefor better: humans. They could easily control other humans, but other animals was harder, especially the ones with a lot of muscle.

  2. I liked how you didn’t just state that animals were used for food and labor, but they were also used for clothing and housing. Many animals had thick fur or wool that allowed them to survived uncomfortable cold temperatures. Humans could have taken this fur or wool and used it for clothing or for housing. This would help humans tolerate cold temperatures during the winter and prevented them from dying.

  3. As Eduardo states, humans are capable of incredible acomplishments. The example of the pyramids is great. In my opinion you need to have food first in order to maintain animals and then afterwards you can produce enough to have a sedentary comunity in which writing can evolve. Think about how the only reason that livestock was abundant in europe was because of the alignments of the continents and the times at which humans arrived.