Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Speak The Truth

Our Senior Projects, as Susan puts it, are based to make an impact on others not just our selves. But how can we accomplish this if we don't know what we're really passionate about? What really motivates us? Are we going to master this?

I am confident that at the end of this year, we will be mastering our topic of our project, that we'll be so passionate and so motivated, that we are going to find the thought of us not accomplishing this project, foolish. We need autonomy: taking self control of our lives; our future. This project is something I want to look back on for the rest of my life. I want everyone to feel self accomplished and feel like if they can accomplish something as great as this project, they can accomplish anything that comes in their way. But, it just depends on how much effort and self determination; autonomy, one puts in this project.

I know this project comes with many obstacles, and expectations. Many of us are facing obstacles already. I have no idea what to do! I've never really stopped and think about what motivates me, what drives me to be the person I am. It's really difficult for me to say and choose. For example, I've always enjoyed the idea of doing new things, taking risks. And that's my down fall; I believe. I've never done something for so long, for I always want to try something new. And for my project I want to do something new, for that would reflect on who I am. But, my concerns are that I won't be satisfied. How can I plan something I've never tried before? Should there be a plan?

All I know is that I would put my heart and soul, I'll probably even grow white hairs during the process, but I know that it would be worth it. I may not be able to master "it", for "Mastery is and Asymptote." (Drive, 126) I shall grow from my mistakes, keep my head up, and never give up. At the end of this project I want to be in the edge of having the qualities of type I behavior: the way of thinking and approaching my life mainly on intrinsic motivators. "To do better by ourselves and our world." (Drive, 211) That's what I want to accomplish.

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  1. What is calling to you? What scares you a little, but you can't quite get it out of your mind?

    Everyone should read your inspiring message!