Friday, August 19, 2011

My Motivation

I love knowing what’s on people’s mind and what they think of certain things. I have certainly been enjoying what few of my classmates have been posting. But I absolutely hate it when people know what I’m thinking or know how I feel about things. I love reading people’s blogs but…wait for it…I hate writing blogs. Everyone in my class gets to see them and make comments of what I think. Not to mention what my teachers think. It’s not that your ideas of my ideas hurt me but I don’t like it when they mess with what I think and the way I think. So what drives me to do these blogs?

Let me tell you a story of a young man who loved playing soccer. He was part of his school’s team. When his junior year ended they gave him summer work to do. One of them was to blog about a book called Drive. The author of the book, Daniel H. Pink, tried to convince me that he knows “the surprising truth about what motivates us (me).” But in the entire book he fails to mention what motivates me. I’m motivated by people who care about me. I hate disappointing people especially those who care about me such as my family, my coaches, my teammates, my classmates, and Mr. De Leon, the maintenance man at my school. Summer came and this young man had to get started on his blog. He thought about not doing it but he absolutely couldn’t ignore his coach or his team. That is what drives him. If he fails to play for the team because he was failing that would bring a lot of disappointment and that would drive him crazy. The same goes with the rest of the people that care about him. Everything that I do is because of my mother. Her goals are my goals, her wishes are my wishes, and her dream is my dream.

As much as I admire Pink for studying people’s behavior I will have to agree with Eduardo and Kevin (my classmates) on this one, he cannot understand our behavior and what seems to motivate us. We are still students, and as mature as we still are, we haven’t reached the “real world” as some of the alumni from the University of Rochester that he interviewed explained it. He might help me when I have a career but right now it has little effect on me.

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  1. Alan, I enjoyed reading your blog because of your first paragraph. You said that you hate writing blogs because people then know what you are thinking about and how you feel about certain things, but by saying this you are contradicting what you wrote. This statement is basically telling the world how you feel. Even though you hate it, you are coming out of your shell and showing the world your thoughts and ideas. This, my friend, is the first step in realizing that there is nothing wrong with throwing your ideas out here. You know all of us; you know that none of us will judge you based on your thoughts in the blogs you post.