Sunday, August 21, 2011

Making the right choice

My senior project, I believe its a huge project that will take me a lot of work. I believe the hardest task to achieve is to motivate people. My classmates, my friends, my family are probably people I can motivate easily, but what about the unknown people. The people I do not know about will be hard to get them involved because they do not know me. As I was reading Drive I found a quote that really stood out to me. The quote is "They're working hard and persisting through difficulties because of their internal desire to control their lives, learn about their world, and accomplish something that endures." (Pink, 79). When I read this quote I was like "this is it". If I can create videos and provide people with information, so they can learn about "their world" I think it will be a little easier to get more people involved. The reason is that people will not necessarily be listening to me, but will be listening the truth of our world. Once they see facts they will hopefully began to do something "that endures" since people will start to give up on just buying bottled water. Hopefully they will buy a bottle which can be reused , and they can do a little extra reuse this bottle. Also getting rid of plastic plastic at the grocery store since they just help carry stuff for a few minutes and then are thrown away. People will now have to have paper bags or just baskets that can be reused over and over helping to end the demand for plastics bags. Life is way easier with plastic bags, but if we take that extra step and do a little extra with reusing bags we can make a difference.
Once people begin to make small changes to their life they will be now "working hard" to keep up with these changes.Many times they will have temptations of wanting of to go back to the easier life and will have to fight hardships , but will succeed. Once the realize that they were able to overcome the challenges, they will realize that they are control of their life. People will realize that its their choice to pick they whether they want to go with the easy life with hard outcomes, or have a little harder life but live safe and a bright future. People will then look for other ways to change and become better humans.
I think this plan will is good because it shows people that being in control of their lives is what can make a difference. Sometimes we are hypnotized by the plastic bags and easy it is to get rid of them once we don't need them anymore. It good to get your head into reality and realize that its not okay to do what everyone else is doing, but to make your own choice based on what you want for the world. Lets not do what everyone is doing, lets do what we know its right even if we know it might take a little more effort.

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  1. I think you have a great idea, but you will need to work hard to have a huge impact. Your idea is to make videos with advise on how to better impact our world? If this is so then have you thought about where you'll shoot the videos? I think an outdoor setting would be great. What's the structure of your video? Will you just be giving advice or will you be showing people what to buy and where to buy it? For example the bottles, will you have one with you to demonstrate?
    More often then not we will find that people genuinely want to do the right thing, but because it isn't easy and usually more expensive they don't. How can you prove to people that the sacrifice they do will be worth it? For research I think a good way to start would be to make a survey for Chinquapinians. I think you'll be surprised by how many people use plastic bottles instead of reusable ones. Then you can work your way up from there.
    Also I know others may not know, but you went to a very beautiful natural area this summer, Alaska. I think that seeing the beauty nature has to offer has impacted you just slightly. What you are about to take on is something huge and very admirable, because you are doing it for selfless reasons. I think you should tie in your trip into this conservationist project. And if you are really interested in conservation you should look into the SCA( You may be able to do a summer program with them this year, if you'd like. Ask me anything and I'll give you more details.