Friday, August 26, 2011

Facing the obstacles

I know there are going to be a lot of problems with my project. For starters, well...I don't know where to start. Should I be starting on the script right now? Or should I be trying to figure out my time schedule? I fear that this project (since it seems so big right now) will make me neglect my other classes. However, I want to work hard so at the end I can have that feeling of accomplishment. Currently, the obstacles I'm facing are: lack of movie-making knowledge, no script, no money, no "connections", no help, and pretty much no anything. However, this blog post will be somewhat of my brainstorming session.

I'm thinking about a lot of different directions to take my movie, but I know that it will be really hard to take it in certain directions. For example, I don't have the budget/skills/etc. to make a sci-fi movie. A horror movie might be easier depending on the "monster". Action movies fare a different set of obstacles. I could probably make a documentary, but I'm not sure how to "move" the audience with a documentary. I've also considered a soap opera. I think clay/animation would take way too much time. Not considering genre, I've thought of a lot of different script ideas. I have a short story I was writing over the summer about a man that wakes up in the future after a 28 year old coma, but I'm not completely convinced about it. I also wrote a short story about a desk whose owner stops showing up for school, but it would need to be adjusted to make an hour long movie. I've been thinking about writing a story about a future in which-out of the blue- men start having babies. Lastly, I've thought about making a movie about Chinquapin, but I'm scared that I won't be satisfied with the final product.

All these different factors are what I'm scared of. I think sometimes I don't like making big decisions for fear that I'll make the wrong one. So I tend to put them off, but I don't want to do that with this project. I want to jump into it right away, but I don't want to be reckless about it. Another problem is that most of the time I'm too scared to ask for help. I get a little stuck, and I just let myself get sucked into it until it's too late and I'm drowning in a huge workload. I think the best thing for me right now is to ask for help, advice, comments, suggestions, etc etc. So if anyone would like to give some insight on my project, feel free to do so.


  1. It's like you want to go bungee jumping and right when you peak over the bridge you get all scared and change your mind. It's still early, you have time to try something and if it doesn't work change it. This is your Senior Project, don't you want it to great! Don't think too much about should I do it because then you're not. You always have all of us for help so use us or the teachers. Sometimes we just need to close our eyes and jump. I'm scared too, I bet everyone it! We just have to take it one day at a time. We need to stop being scared and just do it! Do whatever makes you happy and stick with it. And If it fails, try something new. We learn from others and our mistakes so use that to your advantage.

  2. If you risk nothing, you gain nothing.

    Actually, I am pleased to see you working out your fears here. Your transparency about the process may be just the thing to keep you focused, to help you to get the help you nee, and to help you face all your fears.

    If you can find ways to face the things that paralyze you, you will have learned much indeed.