Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time off can mean productive time

Another great idea given by Pink or as he called it: "20 percent downtime."(pg. 162) The idea is to give free time off to everyone to just do what they want during the day. It's the equivalent of lunch but instead of having lunch, people may do what they want for only a period of time.

This keeps the people from losing their minds and may be productive at the same time. An equivalent of such is our school's Creativity Week where we all take a week off to do whatever we choose. I can voucher for that because I can say that it really did help to take one whole week off and do what I love to do best: "jam out." It helped get the stress out of school and it gave me a chance to work on my mastery of the drum kit. When I finally returned back to school the following week, I felt rejuvenated and ready to do some more work. In other words, this works.

(This gave me another idea to give my students a period of time to mess around with the drum kit to familiarize with the sounds and other aspects. It is also a sure way to give them a break from the lessons and give myself a break also.)


  1. Having some off time for yourself is always good specially while working. There are times when people just stress out and having a time relax always help. I think the reason because in the off time many people tend to do things they love the most. I know that the company GOOGLE INC. works like this. They give a few hours to their workers to focus on their own project and to give their ideas to the company. This has helped the company since as we know now GOOGLE is one of the most successful companies around. I like where you are going with having some off time, but you should talk about how having time for yourself can help your senior project get better?

  2. I thought that was an interesting concept as well. Creativity Week (CW) is a quintessential example of that. The only problem with CW is that it's only one week out of the entire school year. If you were to give your students a period of "down time", it should be scheduled regularly. Some students do tend to get stressed out and frustrated easily, especially during senior year. Don't forget to give yourself "down time", because not only will it benefit you, but it will also benefit your students. You'll be a more relaxed teacher and have more patience with them. Teaching can be difficult, so I've heard.