Friday, August 26, 2011

Bribes vs Real Motivation

Different things motivate different people. But what Pink said about that sometimes the people that aren't going to make a dime are the most motivated really confused me. I always used to try to motivate my brother buy saying that I would buy or give him different things and it only worked sometimes, now I know why. I guess it gets old. He's 7 so maybe a little toy car will work this time but it may not work next time. How exactly do I get him to work hard without bribing him? That's what Pink was discussing in his book. If there are many ways for people to get motivated why are some still not motivated? Why do some people feel like nothing motivates them when they have many different options to motivate others and themselves?

Bribing someone isn't going to work. We are all humans and we have feelings. I imagine that showing someone you care rather than just giving them false motivation with objects is more effective. If that's the case what do we have to do to motivate others but not bribe them. Like Pink says that we need to show them that what they are doing is for a greater purpose. That what they are doing is for example, a grocery store worker is told that he isn't just there to work to make money but create happiness.

But what exactly is defined as purpose? Other than producing happiness for others, what other purpose is there?

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  1. I personally disagree with Pink because I have found myself motivated by materials. Yes, you were right when you said that the toy might not motivate your brother next time. Buy why not? I believe simply because he's had it already. He can still, however, be motivated by material things it would simply have to be something different possibly of greater value. Nonetheless, your brother and everyone can still be motivated by things, only drawback is that it can get expensive.