Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idea Still in Process

Yes, I have my idea down for my Senior Project but I can't seem to find a project that expresses the passion I have for this idea. I was talking to Liszette Garcia on the bus one Friday afternoon and I decided to tell her my idea for my senior project. I told her what I had in mind; I want to hire a full-time councilor. I believe that not everyone needs to see a councilor everyday or every once a week, but that they will at some point in there life need the extra help. I will, not lie; I got the idea from the comedy TV show Glee. In the TV show there is a councilor that helps everyone without having to make an appointment or wait for that one day the councilor arrives. I want to help teenagers feel free to get help, that's OK and that it is nothing to feel bad about nor be looked down upon. I guess this also has to do with self-esteem but more importantly it has to do with feeling safe, comfortable, and not having to carry other people's burdens.
What do you guys think is this something you guys would be interested? I like what Liszette told me to bring back Women's Group but I feel that its not the same I mean it can be part of it but I want a one on one talk with an adult that can help you when you feel disoriented.

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  1. Interesting idea. (I love Glee.) Try to figure out what you would need to do to convince others to fund a counselor position at Chinquapin? Perhaps you just need to do the research and make the argument so convincing that someone might not be able to turn you down.