Thursday, August 25, 2011

Then what am i doing?

"Mastery is an asymptote? But an asymptote is never ending! What's wrong with this guy?"

These were my thoughts when I turned from page one hundred and twenty-five to page one hundred and twenty-six in the book Drive and I saw the heading in bold. I understood two pages of writting with the aide of only a heading and a diagram. With this I went on reading but now with a sort of disapointment. The reading said exactly what I had predicted, "..mastery is an asymptote. You can approach it. You can home in on it. You can get really, really, really close to it. But like Cézanne, you can never touch it. Mastery is impossible to realize fully." (Pg.126) It sounded so obvious to me yet to unreal. Instantly after reading this I thought to myself, why try to get better at something if you'll always have to feel like you'll need to get better at it still? Simply to be better than others? I thought that that couldn't be because it would be bringing in extrinsic motivation.

I believe it was right of the author to put the truth down for his readers, because it warns the reader and gives them another reason why to keep playing soccer, basketball, and all the concepts we want to master. He directly tells the reader that he will never achieve mastery, but indirectly says to do it because you simply enjoy doing the activity that way you will fade away from the extrinsic motivation of wanting simply to beat someone at this activity. Although I was torn down at first, I now believe that section of Drive built me up stronger in this esense.


  1. This is actually exactly the same way I felt about this particular statement at first. I thought, "why should I spend so much time trying to learn a language that I will never master?" But eventually I saw past that fact and realized that I'm doing it because I actually enjoy what I'm doing. I hope this really does encourage you to discover what your passion is or encourages you to follow your passion if you already know it. Also, I really like how you saw this in a positive light almost automatically. It really says something about your attitude.

  2. Also, when you get closer to mastery, you know more about what you don't can see all there is still to learn...

    And this is exciting. Really.