Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Baby Step

After reading Drive by Daniel Pink, I realized that the best motivation is the one that is self enforced and is passionately pursued. I made the connection with the senior project, even though, I was not completely sure what the senior project was all about. I had seen last year's seniors struggle and enjoy their senior project; I even knew some seniors that constructed a project that totally consumed them so I had a vague idea about it. I had thing clear: Motivation was a big factor. Actually, I figured that motivation is involved and is a major component in accomplishing the project or anything in life.

For my senior project, I would like to help young teenagers not be overwhelmed by stress that really isn't theirs to burden with. I could relate with this idea for as long as I can remember, and I realized this is by going to counseling. The word “counseling” usually has a negative contention, well in the naive or ignorant audience. My idea consists of focusing on helping teenagers not get disoriented from their dreams or goals because they lose themselves in situations that they feel burden to carry when actually it would be best for life to take its course or let adults handle it.

According to Drive, the fact that I can relate to this specific idea, I believe that I am motivated enough to come up with a project that will express my idea of growing up too fast with unnecessary stress. So far, I have taken my first baby step. I know what I am passionate about; helping others not go through my main life struggle. Now that I have the idea, I must think about a project that can help my get this message across to other students that have a similar issue.

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  1. It's great that you're taking that first step towards finding what you're senior project should be about. Now that you know you're passionate about helping teens that are in the similar situations you were in, how do you think you want to help them? You mentioned that people make negative connections with the word "counseling", so perhaps you could work on changing that bad vibe people get from that word. Marcos took a big issue like undocumented students going to college, and became an advocate for the Dream Act. Have you considered doing the same and spreading the word about how and where teens can get help with whichever situation they're facing? Troubled teens might feel more comfortable going to seek help if someone who has been in their shoes and is their age is the one informing them.