Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drive related to my drive...

I think Drive will be related to my senior project unfortunately in a very minimal way. I think the book is fantastic in it's own way, but I honestly think it will be most beneficial to me while I transition from college into the workforce. As far as autonomy, mastery, and purpose, I will try to tie them to my senior project, because I do believe they are good factors. If through Daniel Pink's science my project could possibly come out better than that is something I'm willing to try.

I know this book wasn't just any old book, it was given to us for a purpose. What that purpose was I'm a little confused on. I had interpreted it to be a way to motivate us, but now I believe it's actually of form of making our projects better. It was more an example than a guide. What I mean by this is that we were meant to apply the factors to our project, like in the examples in the book. It wasn't meant to help guide us in deciding what our project would be or how we would get to it. That is a decsion that we have to come to on our own.

But if we can successfully apply those factors to our projects, like those companies we too will be able to have success. Having autonomy would just mean that we had control. That we were the ones deciding what our projects would be. The reason that is so crucial to any success is because the more closely we have a say in what is done, then hopefully we will apply ourselves more closely. The project will belong to us and so the hopes are that we will work even harder on it.

As far as mastery goes, this will only be something that can help us. In no way are we being asked to choose something we will never master. However, at the same time we are also being asked to understand that full mastery takes much, much time to accomplish. But if we can get started in something we want to do, than maybe we can master it much sooner. Or even just understand it much better for our own knowledge.

Lastly purpose. Of course any of us could choose something that will only affect us, but when you give what you are doing a greater purpose, you are not only helping yourself, but also others. And in the environment we've grown so much in, hasn't giving back already been instilled in our hearts. Purpose to inspire others, purpose to help others, to believe in others, to push others, to simply help others. This will probably be the factor that I will tie closest to my project. Because while I do want to do something that I choose, that I care about. I also want it to impact others positively. That to me will make all the difference.

And as I write I'm even more flabbergasted by the conclusion. I thought this blog would explain why Drive wouldn't be included in my project, but as it seems it will be more closely related to what I do than I thought.

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  1. I like watching your thinking evolve here. Good use of blog for that purpose.