Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nothing but sound...

As the summer passed by, I tried to think of several ideas of what to do for my project. Every idea I've ever thought of has failed. This is due to the fact that my ideas were too big, too small, or taken away. I've wanted to do something I was passionate about, and to give back to the people.

At first, I thought of doing a mini-concert but my idea was thrown away when I remembered that Chinquapin still has a small music department. My second idea was to bring traditions back, but Richard had already taken that idea.

I then thought of how the number of guitarists was steadily rising while the number of drummers stayed the same: only I. This gave me a brilliant idea to teach people how to play the drums. I have figured out how it'll all work out and I see no problem within.

Not many people know how to play the drums. The ration of drummers to guitarists is low. I want to show people how drums can be as cool of an instrument to learn as the guitar. I also want to teach people how fun it is to play and that it can relieve stress after a long hour practice.

As an actual drummer, I know how difficult it is to start playing at first. To coordinate one's hands and feet is difficult. But after I learned those initial steps, it became a lot more easier. And with that, I gained a lot more self respect and self esteem through this accomplishment. I want to share these feelings with other people as they learn how to play a 4x4 beat or learn how to double time.
My students will actually learn how to be coordinated and feel "awesome" as in the words of Kelvin Reyes. And possibly after I'm gone, they will play in the Talent Show and set off to teach other people how to play also.

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  1. I love your idea Erick. I think it's great but i think it would be great if we can see the progress of your students. Compare them at the beginning and at the end of the year to see how great or how bad of a teacher you were. It would also be good to see throuhout the year and answer a few questions: How fast are they getting better? Are you satisfied with the practice their putting into beating the drums? etc. I'm excited to see them play and see the number of drummers increase and maybe surpass that of guitarist. Good luck Erick and do your thing man.