Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lacking Motivation? Or not?

One thing I enjoyed about the book, Drive by Daniel Pink, was that it made you realize what type of person you are, by what motivates you. I loved the “X” and “Y” scenario the book introduced. It made me realize that there are other ways to be motivated. The book focuses on the advantages of being a “X” or a “Y. When I finally decided that I should find out what is my type of motivator; I started to think. After a while I realized that I couldn't really pick one side. I was in the middle or neutral. I talked to my peers and Alejandra Badillo's response was the one that caught me of guard. She said that she felt bad that she was so certain that she was “X”. She expressed her concern, I understood why, I mean the book Drive wasn't known for talking wonders of the motivators of the “X” factor. But what got me of guard was that she could really be 100% sure what motivated her; Did that mean I'm not motivated or motivated enough? That nothing drives me to accomplish a goal? I was confused that it made me rethink about my motivation for my senior project.

Not just that but I started to doubt how was I suppose to get through senior year! I felt a little disoriented but later I realized the reason I can't lean to one side or choose a specific motivator was because I was a mixture of both. I wont lie that made me feel better, but would you think that since I can't relate to one side I lack motivation?


  1. You definitely do not lack motivation. Being as I have gotten to know you so much more, I know that you are motivated by love and compassion. Two very admirable qualities about you, that you may be to humble to notice. The reason you work so hard is for love for your little sister. I've seen you suffer for her, laugh with her, and am truly awe struck by how much you are willing to sacrifice yourself for her. You are motivated by compassion because of how you were raised. Though God and I have never been to close, you have always had an innate nature to care for others, something that I had to learn. The fact that our classmate was so sure, should not bother you. We are all our own persons. We all think in different ways for different reasons. We all grew up differently, saw things differently. Just because you are in between the science of one book, that should mean nothing to you. You are who you are and that will never change. But don't think you aren't motivated, because I know you are. You are not what a book makes you, but what you make of a book.

  2. No one lacks motivation. We are just uncertain of what it is that motivates us. We have to stop and think to answer the following question: What motivates you? When I first started reading the book, all I could think of was intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The difference between these two, is that one is motivation that helps please yourself, and the other that helps please others, or using external factors to please yourself. By knowing that you care for your sister so much, I could tell you that you have intrinsic motivation, for you'll be willing to do anything and everything for her. When I kept reading, Pink got to the deeper discussion of Type x and Type I behavior. These two behavior classify one self. When I read what they were, and the examples he gave, it really struck me; I didn't know I was so selfish! When Pink gave an example he gave us Oprah as Type I, and Donald Trump as Type X. Oprah cares much about the community and others, not much herself. And Donald, is the total opposite: he only cares about himself, and his money. That is why I was able to know I had more of that extrinsic behavior. Luckily for me, Pink said one can always change this behavior.