Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Persevere Or Not Persevere?

It has been a relentless assignment for me to continue and make my project clear to everyone, yet it seems so simple. I have brought my project so a small halt in order to review what I have done for the past 4 months. It has been a struggle for myself and my peers to come across such a difficult mission as to be sent out to not only do our homework after excruciating days of lectures, tests and papers. But, also we were given a year long assignment to confront a project that involves whatever we wish, but to fulfill it is complicated. I have under went stress, research, proposals, to come up with something to do with movies. To reply to the question whether or not my time spent in my production of making my project come true is yet to be seen, but I will say this: I have improved tremendously since the starts of this year. I now have the ability to prepare, plan and execute a proposal and fulfill a project. I acquired not only skills to organize projects or proposals, but also emotions. I learned patience, perseverance, and met deadlines. i still have much to go, but so far I have done well. I'm still in a tight spot as to choosing my review panel, but I'm in the process of completing that task as well. I not only grown mentally to where I can research and seek the necessary factors for a plan to be completed, but also I now know that this is the way life and college will work out to be in the future. To starts out now is just a step towards a greater good.

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