Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Sentence and Blog

My sentence

Throughout my life, I have seen many people at school struggling so much that they give up on it and become delinquents that take away from society by killing and committing other crimes, which has inspired me to create a summer program for Chinquapin that will tutor and counsel students that seek the help to prevent them from ruining their lives.

My Blog
How do you answer that question within several sentences? The question: Was I better today than I was yesterday? I’ve thought and thought of ways to do that. Yes, I am better because…..I sat on a chair pondering on that question to the point that my brain started hurting. How was I better? That is what kept going through my mind. The truth is, there is not simple answer to that question. It is a question that has to be answer in great detail. So, when I think about that question, I take myself back to the very beginning of the school year to where we were introduced to our senior project. I remember being stressed and felt as though I wanted to give up, even though we hadn’t yet started our project. I was very undetermined at the beginning of the school year. I had no intent to “help out my community” because I was not internally motivated to do so. I was a wreck and couldn’t manage to clear my head. Looking at that moment, I can easily say that I am better today than I was at the beginning of the school year. I am more determined to complete my project because of the outcome and impact it will have on others. I will make a great difference with this project. Also all of the research and contacting has given me better communication skills and enhanced my thinking. This is because when I tried to search for something and couldn’t find it, I had to figure other ways to search that topic. This project has also taught me to become more organized with my planning. With this newly acquired determination and organization, I plan to carry out my project to its full extent. I will set up deadlines and appointment so that I won’t bunch everything in at once. I have already gotten permission to work during Creativity week to interview teachers and students at Whittier Elementary School. So in other words, I am already organization events for my project ahead of time.

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