Saturday, December 11, 2010

Better Than Yesterday?

Was I better today than I was yesterday? Am I better today than I was in August? These are two questions that flow through my mind at the moment. They aren't easy questions that require a simple yes or no, instead they require a complex answer that show how you have become better than the previous days. I feel like I am doing a lot better now than at the beginning of school and my project. I remember stressing almost everyday because I felt like school and my project were too difficult for me to handle. I tried to do everything at once because I wanted time for myself where I didn't have to worry about finishing an assignment. Week after week, essay after essay, and test after test, I felt like I couldn't handle the situation. It felt as though things were thrown my way and I didn't have a chance to duck for cover. But after going through all of that, I learned to take things slowly. I learned to not try to consume everything in at once. I split things a part and gave each thing a time. So what I am trying to say is that I learned to manage my time better. Trying to conduct research, finish school assignments and organize my project taught me determination and motivation. Without following my project through I would not be in the position I am right now. I would continue to struggle if it wasn't for my devoted mind. Also seeing others struggle has motivated me to not slack off. Researching has taught me a great deal as well. It has taught me to prepare for failure and always have a backup plan. The steps that I have taken to execute my plans are that I have contacted people who are able to help me put together my group therapy and set up dates to interview counselors so that I can have a better understanding of what I'm up against. Planning ahead is a key procedure that I am utilizing to carry out my project.

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  1. Bravo! I concur with everything you have said so far especially the part of being more prepare than what you were back in the beginning of the school year. You have persevered and have followed throuh with your proposed project, for that I must give you a thumbs up. Yet, I also feel the same and everything that you have gone thorugh I'm sure everyone in the class has felt that pressure. That being said, I have my own problems still, especially the review panel. Due to my lack of preparedness I still feel a little dubious about how my project will turn out, but I maintain a self-confidence that only fires up my senses to move forward. Yet, the question remains. Will we all be better in the end of this, seeing that we still have 5 months of school and research to prepare for our grand finale? I beleive we can, but time will tell.