Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Painting Smiles and Lessons Learned

I think that every day we learn from our experiences and become a better person that the day prior.

In regard to my senior project I do believe that I have become a better person that I was in August. Before starting on the physical project there have been many failing and successful moments.

With my senior project I have discovered that making my dreams come true is a lot harder than I had imagined. I had had this vision to paint a mural and I could see it and all, but the journey there has been a lot harder than I had imagined.

So far I have really learned how to be interactive with the professional world. I have learned how to introduce myself and the project formally in hopes that others will listen to our project.

I have grown to learn that ideas take a lot of time to plan and process. I now have learned to deal with being rejected. For example when we called hospitals asking if we could paint a mural for their children it was really crushing to have to hear them reject our project.

My thinking has been enriched by research by looking at other muralists’ art and getting ideas for our own project. Research has also helped us find different colors that will make the mural be a more positive influence on the children of the center. Finding out what colors will bring children have really helped in knowing what we don’t want to do or what colors we will try to avoid.

Steps that we will be taking for the future and to keep on pushing for our project are learning about lesson planning for the art classes that we will be teaching aside from painting. Other future plans are to figure out the actual mural with its colors so we can get the approval of the staff of the center and most importantly, the children.

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