Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Am I Better?

I believe that I am indeed better than I was at the beginning of the year. Before this project even commenced I had always wanted t o make a song and music video but I had never had to real drive to do so. Now the opportunity has finally arisen and I am as fired up as ever to get it done. Over the past five months I have gone from practical dreamer to vivid hopeful. The research I have done has taken my thought process and evolved it. I used to think about how I could get all the girls needed for m video, now I think about the vantage points, the lighting, and the camera angles needed to even capture the girls in the video . As of right now I have been able to get a studio that I know for sure I will be able to record my songs in. I have also created my board that will assist me in my project . Everyday now I sit down for about 20 minutes and write down lyrics that come to my head. I am trying to find the perfect words for the perfect song.

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  1. I think, wholeheartedly, it is more important to write for twenty minutes or make yourself write 200-300 words everyday (YES, EVERDAY!) and not worry whether or not the words are perfect because the writing/editing/thinking process is more important than words themselves, for the words and how they look on the pages forming poetry, prose, lyrics to song, etc, is the end result and not the most important thing. I find it much more uplifting when I'm simply writing and more specifically, putting my a$$ in my chair, which most writers call a$$-in-chair time. Some side notes to keep in mind are what kind of environment do you excel in when you write. Some people love white noise, or coffee shops. It took me years to find mine; I need my television on mute, giving me not white noise, but, what I like to call, white vision, the stereo on very low, so I can faintly hear it, and my headphones on. It may be weird, but it works for me, and I will usually spin a thread for thirty minutes to an hour. Again, keep writing, even if it's just reflecting on the placement of a punctuation mark or one paragraph, everyday.