Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One step toward the ones I still have ahead of me...

While everything that I have done and written in my personal blog Soul Singing shows that I have made progress, I have yet to feel satisfaction of signing. I have read to the writings of Joann Deak (preventive psychologist) who has spent years researching about the development of girls and how their environments can shape the way that they will act and become. I have realized that I became self-conscious (shy) because of prior experiences when I sang before an audience. This is one of the reasons, I joined Speech and Debate class because I knew that I enjoyed reciting poems but if I didn't get out of my comfort zone I would never recite a poem in public nor perform a song which is one of my goals for my project. That was one step I took toward the many I still have to take.

Today, I have a better understanding of what I had when I started brainstorming for my senior project. I know that I that I will carry out an experiment that will reinforce the research carried by Joann Deak and many other scientists. The purpose of this experiment is to actually collect qualitative research that will give me an insight as to what girls think and feel from two different economic and racial spectrum's. Girls are girls in any place of the world but they are affected by different influences and that is something that is fact that could become helpful for the further development of teenage girls today. I also know that even though I have progressed in some ways with my research I have been set back with my lack of organization. I see that for the next semester I have to set deadlines and organize my time to work more efficiently and effectively.

For the second part of my project which is singing I have made little progress if any. I have attempted to find a voice teacher to help me gain confidence in my voice in order to sing publicly but I have yet to find someone. The odd thing is that I always sing at home. At home I sing all around my house, print lyrics, and record my voice all the time. I sing to the wind because no one ever tells me to be quiet. When I sing at home, I connect and transmit the emotion of whatever song I'm singing. I now know that that is the reason I truly sing. I sing because I reach a connection with God when I sing his song. This connection makes me feel happiness and fulfillment. This Christmas dinner, I will attempt to sing with Chassidy Smith the song "This Christmas" by Donny Hathway. It should be a grand step toward improvement.
Overall I have grown in many ways and I have had the good fortune of having Susan Davis and Jan Ott mentoring me through the process of my Senior Project this semester.

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