Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Better Than Yesterday

I started out in August not knowing what I was going to do with my Senior Project. I was going from topic after. I was so indecisive. I had no focus and I wasn't really thinking about what my passions were. I just thought that I should do something to help my school. When I realized that I wasn't really motivated, I realized it was because I wasn't doing what I really loved.

I love to sing. So once I made up my mind that I would sing, I came to a road block with trying to narrow down a specific idea for my project. Now, at this point, I have a fairly detailed outline of what my project will consist of.

As an assignment for our Senior Project, we were asked to create a TEDtalk for our school. This project helped me narrow down my ideas and it has also helped me realize that I have all the inspiration I need.

The biggest skill I have learned is that things won't come out the way I want them to. I am a perfectionist, so this bothered me tremendously. I had to learn to accept the fact that things will not always come out the way I want them to. If I did I would never get anything done.

When I started to get a better idea of what my project was going to be about, I started to look up how notes affected the brain and soothed people. That helped me realize that I wanted to talk about inspiration. While I was looking up this information, I was listening to music. The music was inspiring. That is when I knew that I was going to talk about inspiration and how music did that for me.

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