Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Need Improvement

Over the semester, time has definitely been as issue. That all comes with time management, and I haven't handled it in the best way. I need to improve my research skills and move beyond obstacles. The reason why I've found it so difficult, is because i need a teacher, someone who will help me with architecture and i just barely found them. I'm sure I'll be up and running when i get this figured out. I'm better in the fact that I first tacked this project. The truth is i was to scared to even approach it and now I'm going at it and finding was in which i can learn it. The steps I've taken towards this haven't been quite on initiative but rather what i was told to do. For example my e-portfolio. My blogs have definitely  improved and I hope to keep doing so.As of lately I've been all gears to advance with my project, but better planning needs to be done.When my planning is efficient, I'll be able to execute.

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