Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Am I better than yesterday? Another question of the past

Looking over this semester and at all the blogs I’ve done has made me realize all the progress I’ve made from the first day when I thought I would try to get a built in pool here at Chinquapin and take up learning to cut hair. It’s amazing to me how much my project has evolved and grown into something I truly feel passionate about. For once I feel as if I have the ability and chance to pursue my dream of making my own CD strictly composed of me from the beats, to the lyrics, ideas, time management, and recording-and-editing skills. I actually see potential in my final product being able to help students re-gain the confidence and motivation they never knew they had.

So am I better than I was yesterday? Have I become better than I was at the beginning of the school year? The answer is most definitely and tremendously. Giving that my project has gone a long way from topic to topic, I have learned to develop my ideas into a realistic form that embraces my interests and has a purpose for myself as well as being used effectively by giving something back to the community. Throughout the process of developing our senior bog posts (page), I gained the habit of maintaining my page in order to keep my audience updated on my projects progress and what my next step was going to be. I also gained the habit of giving off constructive feedback in order to receive the same feedback for a better project from different perspectives. I as well-gained skills for creating an ornate project based page in which I had to learn to embed, link websites, video, and audio on my page.

At first I didn’t think there would be much research for writing lyrics and creating music, but through my Google searches on music composition, I found out otherwise. There is so much for songwriters to learn about music; from psychology to the effects beats have on wave patterns in our brains. From my findings, my thought process for making beats had been enriched due to the fact that I knew that different counts used in beats and instruments project usage of different parts of the brain which creates ways of thinking and moods fallen into. From there on my planning of beats had to be re-made because I would write my rhymes first and compose beats after, but I had to re-plan that procedure vice versa.

So far I have taken multiple steps for executing my plan in order to get to the final product of my project. I had to develop my topic, learn to create a project page and ornate it, research, and gather a script for speeches introducing my project and the significance it has on me. I also had to reach out, through advertising my project, to my mentor, faculty members, and individuals within the profession of music. Last but not least, I had to dedicate and manage my time wisely in order to find time to experiment with composing beats that stimulate the moods I want my listeners to feel. With all being said I must say that I have grown so much and am way better than I was yesterday.

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