Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new and improved me!

I am now very familiar with how difficult it is to ask people to help you. In August I was very shy about my own project idea, but now I am excited to inform others about my project. I have gone from trying to avoid the subject of my project to trying to advertise it. I have learned how to gain the attention of an audience. I learned that an audience really wants to know what is going on. I have learned to let myself simply state what it is I am trying to get across instead of trying so hard to sound “smart”.
I have learned how to manage my time better in order to meet deadlines, and also to just keep myself up to date. I have gone beyond simply looking at the surface details. I’ve dived into the words to discover what many, smaller details are behind them. I learned to not worry so much about “right” and “wrong”, because the truth is all I really need to do is share my honest thoughts and views from my perspective to be successful. My ideas may not always be clear, but that is why I have learned to further explain things. Gaining the skill of further explaining I have also been able to give more helpful feedback to my peers, and their projects.
In August I came to school with the usual fear of being wrong. I overcame it pretty quickly, because it was not long before I was told in order to be successful I have to “dig deeper” and take a chance with my writing; that is the only way I will improve. I took a chance to be different, honest and got a comment on one of my blogs from the author, Daniel Pink, himself. Although the perspective I took on his book was different, because I was honest with my thoughts it caught his attention. I am far more confident, better informed about how much information I need to gather and organize in order to be successful in my project, and life in general.

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