Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have I become better then before?

Being the very introspective person that i am, I tend to gradually find my miistakes and my flaws and learn from them. Now in the past semester I honestly think that i have become better than I was in the beginning  of the year. In this past semester I feel like i have picked up on a few things that have made me more aware of the life ahead of me and what i need to do to become better.

In the beginning of the year, I wasn't very much aware of what i wanted to with my life, and wasn't sure of what to exactly what to expect out of my senior year. I wasn't sure how to go through my last year in high school.

Later as the year progressed and I started to become more aware of my project. I started to look into psychology and being my introspective self I asked myself questions of what am I going to do? and after answering my questions I came across my solutions. I've become more aware of the things around me such as the students, I've learned to be helpful with them and be friends with them also I have learned how to become focused on what is needed to be done such as school work and projects and how i should address certain situations.

In the end I think that I have become better because I've learned to be more interactive with people and my teachers. I've learned how it is to be part of a group and working with others, I have learned how to reflect better, and accept things in my life. It has been a real journey for me.

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