Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Back In Silence

Definitely. The first time I even thought about this project was over the summer while I was working at the Children’s Museum of Houston. The second time was at a college interview when
they’d ask me what sort of stories did I write about. So yes, my project has come a long way and still has room for improvement. I still need to write, write, write and write! The process never ends until the crowd is happy to even review it.

At the beginning of the school year I had a vague idea as to what was my project. Know I have the answer but it’s up to me to get it out there. My skills have developed in the writing department but still there’s room for improvement. My story-telling skills are the only thing keeping my play alive but I have to show what’s is going to blow people’s mind away. Writing a play is something not just anyone can do but a few. I’ve definitely started to show some progress in my protect in the sense I’m looking for the help by participating in a theatre group.

I’ve grown to be a little more comfortable with sharing my weirdness with other people. Some of these amazing people are just as crazy as me but have good intentions in mind. I’ve also starting feeling less ashamed of how I behave in public during dances and performances. The possibilities for me are endless, I just have to take a course and stick through it. Will I write a play, will I have it published or performed? These are the questions I’ve already answered and my first step is to get the play written down before anything else can happen.

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