Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better Man

So in the past semester, I have learned much about the legislature concerning Driver's Ed. and who can teach it. I have managed to nail down and contemplate what I plan to do, and I have given myself purpose. I actually want to do this, because I believe it, not just because I am being graded. Learning what needs to be done has given me goals to strive for and hurdles to overcome. More than anything, I can say that this project combined with Close Up has given me the reason and ability to contact my representative (now if only he had reason and ability to contact me back).
In light of all these things I've learned, I would like to say that I am better. By no means would I say by much, but I am better. I think that I have learned enough and applied enough to make myself a more driven person and, also, a more informed person. Isn't that the whole purpose of this project, more than having us leave our mark?

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