Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pursuiting A Dream

Am I better now that I was yesterday?

Of course. Back then I would only hear about the DREAM Act and then simply hope that someday it would pass. I've also learned about the importance of hearing both sides of the story. I always wondered why people were reluctant towards the bill, and know I know why it sparks so much debate and emotions.

As of now, I feel like I know a lot about the controversy around the DREAM Act, and why some media portrays is as a "nightmare". After hearing both sides of the story, I've learned that most of the negative critcism of the bill is because of people being misinformed. Some people think that the DREAM Act, is a free ticket to citizenship for illegals. Well, it's not a ticket, and it's not free at all. The bill won't give illegals citizenship, it will only open the doors for many of them. Mostly these are Republicans, but I have been glad to see some Republicans that are in favor of the Dream Act are so because they are well informed about the DREAM Act.

I am planning on getting the school involved. After my presentation on the DREAM Act at school to a small portion of students, I wouldn't mind giving it in front of a larger crowd. I also want to get the school involved, I'm going to start out by writing an article on the Burr, and then probably give a speech to the entire school during circle ceremony. I see this project headed in a good direction.

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