Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking Back

At the end of the semester last year Ray and Susan gave us the task of coming up with a individual project that we could take all senior year to work on. The only thing to come to mind all summer was designing a city. Everything I read or experienced made me want to design a city even more throughout the vacation. At the beginning of the school year all I knew about designing a city was that it took a lot of time and work. Looking back at the start of the year, I see that I have developed a better understanding about what cities need to prosper, through my research I found that I can plan my time more wisely by digitizing before I make a model, and I have taken the biggest step to completing my project which is figuring out that I will be designing an urban/park sector of a city.

Modern cities are disruptive to the environment without Green buildings and technology. A city doing well ecologically says a lot about its livability. The greener a city is, the more success it is able to have. Therefore it is important to keep in mind each buildings impact when designing, which for me is going to be one of the main focuses in making the city.

Sometimes when I look back at something I learned, I find that it should have been obvious to me. Tricks for time management was one thing I overlooked at the beginning of the year. I thought that it would be safe to make model buildings one by one and just put them in a city setting. Now I know that it is smarter and easier to make a digital version and model based it off of that.

The biggest burden I had at the beginning of the year was deciding on what to model. The decision proved to be based off of personal appeal and showability. I chose to design an urban/park sector in a city because I liked the idea of a better green space in a downtown. I also chose it because I could more affectively portray the different elements of a city; Buildings, streets, houses, shops, parks, etc...

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