Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking Back

Looking back to the beginning of my senior project, at first I had no ideal what I wanted to do;I was going to try to get a swimming pool here on campus. Boy that would of been a funny and stressful process-thank God I switched to composing music. For all you upcoming seniors, make sure you choose a mission that you are very interested in because if not then this project will just be a drag. To be honest that's the best advice I can give you all because as long as you do that then all the blogs, the literature review, and the presentations will come easy for you and won't take up much thought.
Even though it doesn't seem like much of a project, you have a lot of responsibility because it is all based on you to keep up with deadlines for finishing your work; Susan hardly says anything to remind you. From this project I gained a little bite more responsibility since I had to work on the project outside of school the majority of the time. I had to use non-school based resources most of the time which also added more responsibility. With that being said have your topic chosen this summer and be ready to get your grown-up on in senior-seminar next fall. Goodluck.

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