Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Experience

The stress and the days when I had to continue on with the struggle that the senior project offered was overbearing. I had my ups and downs, but still I didn't seem to bother as to why the senior project was so stressful and I wouldn't go anywhere. Still, I had fun. The most important thing that I learned after such experience was time management and organization. At times when i thought I didn't have time, I was too busy worrying about other stuff or doing things that I wasn't supposed to do, yet after everything that happened I was willing to change my behavior. Of all the things is to give advice to the future seniors who now have an idea of what to expect next year. My only hope is that the junior class uses their time wisely and try not to stress out too much. It'll be a struggle and it won't be easy, seeing that this year with all the things we had to do, the juniors as well will have to bear with the burden of doing everything possible to do well their senior year.

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