Tuesday, May 10, 2011

End of the Year

Well the end of the year is here and I know that it is a time full of reflections and looking back not only at the year, but at high school and Chinquapin. One thing that made the year different from any others is that we had a Senior Seminar, a class which was really up for us to do anything that we wanted to do. Senior Seminar is a fun class. I learned that I need to always try to do something that I like to do, if not it really won't be an enjoyable experience. Advice for next year: do something that you like. If not it really isn't fun and it will just be a waste of time. Use your time wisely because it will go by so fast! Every class period counts and every class period is a chance to do something that you like to do outside from the other classes. Senior Seminar is a chance to start to put a foot down and step into the real world. It is a chance to learn what you like to do, to make mistakes, and to leave your last foot print at Chinquapin.

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