Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finishing Up

This year has been a difficult one, but in the end I can safely say it was all worth it. I am so glad we had a senior seminar class.I know there would be times where I thought the class was pointless and just giving me extra stress, but those were mainly just times where I was breaking down. I actually enjoyed the class time (after all of the Ray lectures). His lectures where very helpful so it's important to listen, but sometimes he did not know when to stop. This class helped give me an extra push to gain my leadership and full communication skills. I had to learn to start from the beginning many times before making any real progress. It was a class that was really easy to do well in as long as you actually and genuinely put effort into it. My project helped me put time into something I truly enjoyed doing while also creating something for myself and the rest of the world. Although the process was frustrating at times it really helps teach anyone time management and discipline. If I started my website this week in order to have it ready by the following week it would be a wreck! Big projects , although you enjoy doing them, take A LOT of time. Senior seminar has taught me that even though I love something it does not necessarily mean I know everything about it. It gives you a real taste of real life and how deadlines and communications work. If your not on top of you game 100% of the time you WILL fail miserably and in a course that is truly easy if you just do the work. My advice to the rising seniors is to really fake this class seriously and take the time to really put your full effort into the class. It is really a time to just relax and work on a project you enjoy doing. I am thankful for having this class and good luck to you seniors next year!

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