Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well as I went through my senior year kind of struggling to manage my time and fit everything in correctly with that of my family and having to get graduation things together, and having to apply to colleges everything was a hassle.
My advice to you is use you time during the summer don't slack off at all. I know that you all will have to start on your own senior project, so use the summer for that. Do NOT procrastinate, it WILL affect you in the long run. Use the summer figure out what you want to do, read the book, research the information needed if you have an idea. Another thing is don't be shy or scared to ask how can you make your project more precise...I know you might feel like the teachers are making your project harder than what it is, but listen to them because they have a reason why they do that. Another thing is that you might hit a stopping point and you have to have a plan B just in case your project doesn't go through. I know for my project it depended on what the student body had to stay and I had to think of another back up plan for the same reason. All I can say is manage your time and use the summer and everyone around you its important . For the summer like we've talked about use the summer to apply for scholarship, start on your resume, start on some college applications. Doing this is very important and if you leave until the last minute you will add more stress than what you already have. Good Luck.

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