Monday, August 30, 2010

The Meaning of Life

I plan on writing a book on life. Now some may say it is to broad of a subject but I feel that it isn't. I've read many books that have just focused on some aspects on life and when I read these books, I have wished they talk more about the general subject on life and I understand that it is a broad subject but I feel like I can cover all aspects of it. Now only at the age of 17 some may say "I'm not old enough or haven't lived long enough to experience life" but the strange thing is that I have read many book son life and I ponder on life for most of my time. I may not have experienced much but I sure can talk about it. But all in all I plan on just giving a different view on life, that some may not have realized. There are many things to life then the basic routine lives we live and its a very special gift and I want everyone to realize it.

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  1. Tito, was this meant to be posted on your own blog?