Saturday, August 21, 2010

My response to Lucy's post.

I can't at this moment comment on anyone's blog because I'm using my sister's 1st generation Mac but I wanted to say a few things to Lucy, in response to her blog.

A. You and I can relate, this summer I challanged myself to write more often because I felt this was the only way I would improve as a writer. Sometimes it was hard, words didn't necessarily make sense but I kept them because eventually they do.
( if you want to see some of my writing over the summer go here:

B. You're right about rewards, they've have been used for ages as motivation. I too did some volunteer work at The Children's Museum and it was probably the best thing I did (beside my trip to Costa Rica. Making the guests at the museum happy put me in a good mood and it made me want to go back every day but also there were the perks' : Free access to every exhibit, ice-cream parties, and shirts! Last but not least, the people you work with, they were a bunch of strangers to me at the start of June and by August they became good friends to me. Yes,I am glad you enjoyed your time at the Zoo, everyone knows animals mean a lot to you and that's something you can probably explore more this year. Maybe you can hold a small expo about animals that live in Highlands and how the local farmers in the area can take care of them better.

Cheers :D

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