Sunday, August 15, 2010

Notes From Drive 8/15/2010

Here are some notes I've taken but whether they're good or not is up to y'all.

1. How do I motivate myself to do anything at all?
- Pink writes that if someone is given his/her own schedule(that they can follow), then it's more likely they will do their job and produce something of good quality.

I like this notion because whenever we're given deadlines, I start to get a bit nervous as to how the result will turn out. Don't get me wrong, I'm serious about my education but the best results that anyone is going to get from me is in A. They give me enough time and B. Don't ask me every minute, hour, day about how the project is coming along. (I'll just leave it here for now)

- Mr. Pink suggests that in between work, we take some time off.

I think he called this ROWE but I'm not too certain. Working for a big company and having to stay there from various hour of the night can be frustrating and exhausting. As an employee, will I finish the work by the end of my shift, probably? Will I give it 100%, not so sure about that one. Anyhow, ROWE suggests we take a break from the heavy work load and relax. Let's us contemplate about other things such as how this years soccer team will improve. Little things can really put us at ease and I think this will help a lot of Chinquapin students, especially the seniors since we have to not only focus on school work but on college applications.

2. What I really think about Mr. Pink and his book.
This book just serves to prove another point that Chinquapin also tries to plant in our heads: You have to go beyond normality and do something that defines you as a person. That's why this is a good book for young people(such as myself) to remember why we go to school and after that it becomes more about the decisions that we make that will take toll in our lives. I thought also this was a sneaky way to make me realize, my gosh, I've yet to learn anything. There is so much that the world has to offer, I haven't even begun to understand what lies ahead. Drive, Drive, it can mean so many things but it's up to you, me and the rest of the world to make it what we want it to be.


  1. Lorena --

    I love your point about "going beyond normality." Brilliant!

    Dan Pink