Monday, August 23, 2010

ROWE in school

ROWE In School
In Daniel .H. Pink Drive, chapter four he speaks about a certain company that uses a strategy called ROWE, (result-only work environment) which means working without a schedule. In reading about ROWE I believe that using this strategy works more than putting a person under deadlines.When Gunther the owner of a company, implemented ROWE in his workplace the productivity increased.I believe that our school should implement ROWE on our students when it comes to certain classes such as math or English. In chinquapin certain teachers give lessons at the beginning of class and then allow the students to do work. I think that the students that feel comfortable enough with the lesson that has been taught should be able to leave the classroom as long as they turn in there assignments on time. I believe that if students were able to leave early from class it would give them the freedom to work as they please, in a place where they feel more comfortable, and and where they would be more willing to finish there work. This would also show the student responsibility which would make them more willing to do what is expected of them. Using ROWE also shows that the teacher has trust in the student and will make the student feel as if he/she was being treated as an adult instead of a little kid that has to be reminded of his/her work

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  1. I agree with you when you say that if the strategy ROWE was to be implemented at Chinquapin it would definitely force people to be more responsible of their work. This would be because they wouldn't have anybody to remind them of due dates. Whether they remember an assignment, or not, would be totally up to them.

    I believe the reason this method hasn't been implemented yet in schools is because of the risk that comes with it. Like I said, all the pressure of getting the job, or assignment, done would fall completely on the student. And some teachers just don't seem to trust us with that responsibility. I don't really blame them because in a class there are many types of students. There are those that are going to push themselves to get something done, in other words, the ones that have the drive and will. But then there are also those that are going to pull-off everything to the last moment.

    Some people would argue that it's okay to have these different types of students; the ones that will accomplish what they need and the others that will slack off, because that's pretty much the way it's going to in college. And isn't Chinquapin a college preparatory school? My argument against that is that even though this is a college preparatory school we have to remember that we are still in high school. We are on our to college but we are not there yet. In high school, especially ours, you have those passionate teachers that really care about our education and future. The teachers that will push you because they care, not because they want to make your life miserable. For the most part, once we get to college professors aren't going to be that interested or concerned in our well-being.