Monday, August 23, 2010


One of the lines that caught my attention as I read Drive by Daniel Pink was "But since they don't have bosses themselves, there's nobody to manage or motivate them. They have to be self-directed. This statement reminds me much of why the class of 11 are seniors. In the next year we will have times when no one is going to be watching over us and well this mean we have to do what we are supposed to. We have to self-directed. We have to be self-motivated to do our best. We have to achieve in as many was possible, even if no one is there to give us credit. We have to do it to see the outcome and feel great about ourselves. It is incredible how most people never even realized that Wikipedia is made by people who aren't getting paid. Wikipedia is an important source that most of the world uses. This is a great example of one of the great things that have become from people being self-directed. Imagine what us Seniors (Class of '11) can do just by being self-directed. I am pretty sure we will see some of this greatness in our Senior Projects.


  1. I agree with you, I think that as we get older we should forge our own path without having to be led every step of the way. As seniors we should be an example to the younger students and show that things can be accomplished if we set our minds to doing them.

  2. Cesar,

    This is a good pep talk for the seniors! Are they ready to be self-directed? What evidence have you seen of this since school has started?

    (Also, don't forget to close your quote and to provide a page citation.)

  3. I believe the greatest success comes from those who are self motivated and i couldnt agree with you even more cesar. It is at times whenever we are forced to do things that we dont perform to our potential. There are times where the stakes are high and we have some personal gain from it. Those are times where we can really make something of ourselves. though it is good to look up to people, we need to realize that they wont get us anywhere, we ourselves control that. We manage and drive our own lives and we have to find it within ourselves to truly succeed.