Thursday, September 9, 2010


As soon the book "Drive" by Daniel Pink was put into my hands my first thoughts were completely negative. I said to myself "Oh man. Why do we have to read this book, especially over the summer." To be honest I put off even reading the book till the last minute, which was actually late august. Finally though when I decided to sit down and actually read the book I digested so much of it that it actually changed some things in the way that i see things and the way that I stand, for example Daniel pink talks about being self directed and to be honest i have never seen myself as a self-directed person. Usually when people aren't around I don't go and do the proper and right thing. Usually i follow the crowd and just play along like everything is fine and dandy. After reading Drive however i decided to look into what he was saying about how a person should be driven into doing the right thing even when someone isn't looking because thats were it counts the most, and as a senior I have had to learn to push myself to stay focused and on target because i could just go and do something else for example at evening study hall I could say forget my homework and go to sleep but instead i decide to stay driven and do my homework because in the long run it affects me the most and even though there is no one there to congratulate me, my rewards come from within.

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  1. I agree with you when you say that you felt like, as an upcoming senior, you should do the right thing and influence others to do the same by not turning your head when you see wrong being done. I felt the same over the last two years at Chinquapin, but I've always kept to myself. After reading Drive, I too am motivated to speak up instead of turning my back to seeing wrong being done.