Thursday, July 8, 2010

You're Off...!

I'm glad to see more members of the Class of 2011 starting to make an appearance here, and I'm even more thrilled to see the conversations beginning to emerge! If you are still a lurker and don't know where to start, you might pick a passage from Pink's book to respond to, or you might raise a question about one of his key points. In the end, though, you should bring all of this back to you -- how does what you learn from Pink relate to your understanding of your own sense of motivation and how you might cultivate it?

Now that this blog is beginning to take off, I am going to invite more faculty to comment on what you are saying. The faculty is reading Drive too! And, who knows, before the end of the summer, I might invite Dan Pink himself! Meanwhile, you might not hear so much from me -- I am actually going on vacation in Maine, where I may or may not have Internet access. I hope when I get back to find an explosion of creative ideas and discussion here!

PS. Don't forget to add labels for your posts. Also, you can begin playing with adding links to other relevant sites or videos or photographs. Remember, if you add material from others that you need to credit your source and only add material you have permission to disseminate (look for "Creative Commons" permissions to be safe). I'm adding a video below of Dan Pink's presentation for TED. TED Talks makes its "ideas worth spreading" available to others via Creative Commons permissions.

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