Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ready! Set! Go?

I have not yet started the book but I do look forward to it. What I'm mostly interested in right now (now that we're not confined in school with mountains of work), is getting all those neglected books that I meant to read but never got a chance to, thanks to Chinquapin, and reading them, and also researching new subject, such as Architecture and Art, that I will not get a chance to learn about in high school.
I think that doing this is, in a sense (base off of what I've heard and not read), adhering to what Drive is all about, which to my knowledge is, "Going out and doing what I want because it is motivationally self-satisfying."

-David Copeland


  1. Believe it or not, my summers are partly about reading the stuff I don't get to read as part of school too. The trick for making your work (or education) meaningful is finding ways to integrate your passions with the other stuff you have to do. Can you think of a way to do that with your project?

  2. I'm not sure if i understand what your asking, but I'm hoping that my project will be something I have a huge passion for (actually it might end up being an obsession). Some subjects are hard to integrate but it's definitely not impossible. I want next year to be my strongest year yet and I think that this senior project (thats kind of like a senior thesis) will help keep that horrible Senioritis away.