Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Drive- Read Or Not To Read

I happened not to have started to read Drive due to my concentration on my other summer reading book called, A Hope in the Unseen. Even though I'm behind I hope to read the book as soon as possible and get into this whole blogging community, which I am new to. But I also want to conttribute. even though I'm not reading Drive I can still see some similarity between that book and A Hope in the Unseen. The book introduces an African -American teenager, who is a very smart and lost soul. Having to face a corrupt world in which poverty, violence and drugs affect his community and school, he is forced to stay on the right path of success and live everyday in fear. Even though he doesn't cause any trouble and does well in school, the story itself shows how one student pushes himself to confront everyday obstacles and yet still maintain a steady composure. Instead of taking the easy way out and becoming corrupt just like most of the urban population, he stays true and does what he does best for he wants to be soemone in life and even though the road is dark and lonely, he is the light and guides himself to drive far beyond than what most kids don't acheive.
I hope Drive also has that sense of motivation and hopefully I get to read it soon.

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  1. Welcome, Alex! I'm interested in the connections you make to Suskind's book, even though you haven't yet read Drive. Drive is a little different -- it's not a story, for one thing -- but I hope you are equally motivated by it as you consider your own motivation and how it works. How do you think Cedric Jennings stayed motivated when he could have just as easily given in and gone the easy route, as you say?