Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another summer book to read

To be honest, I was sort of excited to read Daniel Pink's book Drive because at the time Susan and Ray had just pumped us up with these ideas of making a difference and leaving a trade mark before we leave school, and just because I keep an ear open to new things even if I already know them. The first couple of chapters turned me off and my flame of inspiration was quick to go out, so I left it off until the last week before school started. When I picked the book back up it was a drag until I read about how we seem to be motivated by "sticks and carrots." I could relate to various situations in my life when I was only doing things when I got paid, but when I didn't I performed a poor job. Though he talked about being rewarded as a way to motivate, I also related to Pink as he wrote about how some are motivated by inner-self rewards, and I agree because I feel the same when I'm at school; even if it's not a grade I go for it because i know it's only helping me out with every extra piece of knowledge I gain.

I extremely admired where he said that major companies were given a "Fed-Ex" day to work on whatever project the want and deliver it over night. I liked this because I never knew and never would of thought that companies did this; I always had the image of companies as a strict, tuck in your shirt, boring type of place to work at. I immediately felt how it could benefit a company, person, and world after reading that post-its were invented over a Fed-Ex day at a company. Overall after readink Pink's Drive, my eyes were open to new things about myself and how I function to realizing how flexible well known companies really are.

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