Saturday, October 8, 2011

Extrinsic Motivation

When I think about extrinsic motivations the first thing that comes to mind is money. Money and extrinsic motivations go hand and hand. Extrinsic motivations are major concepts of today's world. With the lack of jobs and cash flow availiable, people are willing to do almost anything if they're getting paid. We mostly do if for the money, not the enjoyment. Notice I said, "we" because this relates to all the commom people.
After reading Drive, I heard on the radio that the state of Ohio was going to start a program targeting college students. This program is willing to give students a cash reward for attending college classes. The purpose of this is to try to reduce the number of students missing and skipping class. Most students are going to respond to this in a positive manner because of the external rewards they will receive. I obsevered this situation in two different ways. The first way was to offer a form of extrinsic motivation to these students, so they will be more willing to attend classes. In my perspective, the students will be compromising with the program for that matter. The second way is to encouragge students to attend classes, so that they will become college graduates and will stay in state to produce a more professional working class. At the end of the day the solution is still one thing, extrinsic motivation. Do you think extrinsic motivation is the main problem in today's society?

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