Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mesoamerican Origins

If origins began in Mesoamerica, animal domestication would certainly be different. First off, the animals that would be domesticated would be different ones: rather than Eurasian and African animals, it would be the animals of Mesoamerica. That means that instead of having animals such as pigs, horses and chicken, to name a few, domesticated worldwide we would have animals native to Mesoamerica domesticated. So, that means that the animals domesticated would have been very different. Also, animals that have gone extinct in Mesoamerica would have had better chances of survival and those of African and Eurasian descent would have had less chances of survival.

Societies in the Americas would have been better physically. That is, they would have been healthier and they would have been able to develop immunity to more diseases, as did the Africans and Eurasians in reality. Those of the Americans would have had much better chances against the European conquerors and perhaps could have been the conquerors of the world and history could have had been written much differently, with a hint of Mesoamerican culture.

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